If you are not ready to germinate your seeds just yet, place the jar in the refrigerator until you are ready.

Start by labeling a cup with the strain you are germinating. Place seeds in cup and fill enough to cover seeds with distilled or spring water. Leave seeds in water for 12-18 hrs.

Next is to take a couple paper towels and wet them completely with room temperature distilled or spring water and lay them on a plate that does not absorb water or moisture. Place your seeds roughly 1-1/2 to 2" apart.

Once you have placed your seeds on the bottom layer of wet paper towels, repeat wetting a couple more paper towels and place on top of the seeds, so that the seeds are in between 2 sets of wet paper towels. 

Now place another plate on top, label it, and place in a Ziploc bag - DO NOT CLOSE BAG. Place bag in a dark and warm environment, such as a cabinet, ,drawer ,or closet. 

Seeds will germinate anywhere from 1-7 days days. Be sure to check your seeds daily for progress and moisture level of paper towels.  Spray paper towels through the process if you notice they are getting dry. Seeds need 4 things to germinate - moisture, warmth, darkness, and a little air. Some seeds, even if the same strain,  may take longer than others to develop  a tap root. Once you see a tap root about 1" in length emerging from your seed, proceed to next step.

Fill a small 3 or 4 inch pot with moist- NOT WET-  promix style soil. Insert a pencil into the center of your pot about a 1/2" deep. Place your tap root down into the hole and backfill soil around seed head. Mist with water, keep the environment humid for the first week. Once your seedlings have 3-4 sets of leaves on them you will want to transplant into a bigger pot and start to feed them nutrients at 1/2 strength for the first week of nutrient feeding.

Don't forget to label your pots!!