Forbidden Fruit Clone


Forbidden Fruit Feminized Strain Profile

  • Strain Genetics Cherry Pie x Tangie Strain
  • Indica-dominant THC Content 23-26% 
  • CBD Content 1.00% 
  • Flowering Time 7-10 Weeks Flowering
  • Type Photoperiod Yield 13-15 ounces per sq. meter indoor/15 ounces per plant outdoor Taste /
  • Flavor Fruity, Lemon, Berry 
  • Effects Clear-headed, Uplifted May Relieve Anxiety, Insomnia, Migraines, Stress, Chronic Pain



Forbidden Fruit Strain is a combination of Cherry pie Strain and Tangie Strain, two potent and delicious strains. Forbidden Fruit Strain is an Indica-dominant developed by DNA Genetics and by family farms Crockett, also known as the Tangerine dream. It was known for its fragrance and uplifting effects, and then it left the stage. It has an intense, super citrus taste. On the other side, Cherry pie is a relatively healthy 50-50 strain developed by the Cookie fam’s genetics. It has a super weird nice flavor of cherry and dough. It gives an incredibly optimistic, upbeat, total body attitude, which at the same time is very friendly and calming. The consequence of crossing these two strains provides the Forbidden Fruit Feminized Strain both enchanting and a very high genetic profile on fruit flavors.

What is Forbidden Fruit Feminized?

Forbidden Fruit Strain Fem seeds are Indica with a specific Sativa profile. This cannabis strain is 70 percent Indica and 30 percent Sativa ratio, giving its users the best high. Not only does the Forbidden Fruit have huge yields, but it also offers another enticing deal – its Forbidden Fruit Strain, THC level content, is efficient and high, reaching up to 23-27%. It is a useful medical marijuana strain and very useful for medical treatment with natural marijuana. Forbidden Fruit Strain Feminized seeds are a beautiful strain with a delicious taste profile, a pleasing fragrance, an attractive appearance, and promising results for the mind and body. This strain is predominant for newbies and recreational users. Experienced consumers often like it because of its fruity taste.

Forbidden Fruit Feminized Growing Information

Forbidden Fruit Strain grow time is mild in complexity. This strain can thrive outdoors and indoors cultivation. And it requires a 12/12 light exposure. It takes up to 10 weeks to bloom, but you will see the first effects after seven weeks. The yield is reasonably high, and you can expect around three ounces per square foot. A useful addition is that both seeds have the autoflowering potential to promote and facilitate the optimum result. The next best deal is the reality that this cannabis strain is low maintenance. It ensures that the plant would not attract mold, plagues, and any plant diseases.

Growing information for Indoor

The Forbidden Fruit marijuana strains thrive well indoors. However, you have to provide suitable room and air ventilation for this strain to develop well. Must also control the room temperature and humidity level. Moisture should be mild and should set average room temperature. The Forbidden Fruit strain plant may be pretty stinky, like the strain. To get rid of this fatty odor, you would need a useful ventilation device. The average fruit yield for forbidden fruit is nearly 13 to 15 ounces per square meter indoors.

Growing information for Outdoor

Growing outside is considerable due to the fragrance. The Forbidden Fruit Fem Strain thrives in a mild climate but can also develop in drier areas. Place the seeds in an environment rich in organic soil. You must also apply fertilizers and nutrients and hold the ground moist. Ensure that the place where you plant seeds receives lots of sunshine and that the air is dry. It would help if you predicted successful outcomes with the proper rising situation and topping methods. The outdoor plant harvest period is typically mid-October and with a total yield of approximately 15 ounces per plant.

Medical Benefits of Forbidden Fruit Feminized

The Forbidden Fruit is a useful medical marijuana strain that can help treat many medical issues such as stress, muscle spasms, chronic fatigue, loss of appetite, insomnia, and migraines. Use this strain in moderation to achieve relaxation. It is better to adhere to low to medium doses to ensure no discomfort or excessive paranoia. Knowing and keeping to your limitations is necessary for a fun and beneficial cannabis experience. On the other side, physical disorders generally involve a higher dosage of cannabis. Edibles, extracts, concentrates, and candies are all consumption methods that provide a way to get more medicinal marijuana with less actual consumption.

Forbidden Fruit Feminized Effects, Taste, and Aroma

Forbidden Fruit Strain effects are calming and euphoric, which releases even the stiff and most upbeat people for a while. The high is fast rising, and before you know it, you will start to feel delighted and cheerful due to this marijuana strain. There are several common adverse effects on all cannabis strains. The high THC content is a super potent strain for Forbidden Fruit cannabis. The same responses from marijuana usage, therefore, tend to be more pronounced. Users like forbidden fruit strain for its slight side effects with such intensity. It occasionally triggers you to feel dizzy or paranoid, but only if you smoke or drink them in massive amounts. Like other types of weed, the Forbidden Fruit weed strains will make the mouth feel dry, dry eyes, and itchy, too.

The Forbidden Fruit strain’s flavor is a combination of lemon, plum, pine, tropical, and grapefruit. One of the distinguishing aspects of this strain is the heavy scent of citrus, lemon, oak, passion fruit, and tropical mango-like scent. 

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Final Thoughts

The Forbidden Fruit Strain may become an excellent choice for those under medication such conditions as depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, chronic pain, muscle spasms, chronic stress, apprehension, and migraines lessen the symptoms. We hope that this article was not only enjoyable but also instructive and insightful. It is necessary to note that the consumer has exclusive liability for Forbidden Fruit Strain cannabis seeds use and must still be discretionary. 



Forbidden Fruit Strain Profile

 Strain Genetics Cherry Pie x Tangie Strain Dominant Indica-dominant THC Content 23-26% CBD Content 1.00% Flowering Time 7-10 Weeks Flowering Type Photoperiod Yield 13-15 ounces per sq. meter indoor/15 ounces per plant outdoor Taste / Flavor Fruity, Lemon, Berry Effects Clear-headed, Uplifted May Relieve Anxiety, Insomnia, Migraines, Stress, Chronic Pain Best to Grow Indoor / Outdoor